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PETER HANMER TEAMS UP WITH MI AUDIO Peter Hanmer is an official Artist Liaison for MI Audio. This is an exciting development for Peter and his music as MI Audio has played a huge role in his personal guitar setup. Peter has been using MI Audio products in his studio (Foxglove Studios) as well as for live performances for the past 5 years. Both his solo albums were recorded using the MI Audio Crunch Box and MI Audio Blues Pro pedals exclusively. To read more click here!
BLUES PARADE REVIEW RECORDING MAGAZINE, USA RATING: This month's Spotlight, recorded in a studio Peter built himself near Johannesburg, South Africa, is a superb example of guitar tone and texture, and how to weave them creatively while building an awesome arrangement. .... As you may have guessed, we were mighty impressed... not only by the skill level and "tone-age" here, but also with the seamless transitions in the arrangement. To read more click here!